We’re pleased to announce that given the easing of the Government guidelines in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are now able to provide on site surveys for most of our existing and new clients.

We would like to assure for all our customers that prior, during and after all property inspections we are following the Government guidelines during this period.  Practically we will be asking additional questions prior to the visit to determine if the keyholder and/or occupier allowing access has any symptoms of Covid-19, is shielding or is, or has been self-isolating.  During the visit we are asking for all room doors to be opened prior to our visit and that the property is vacated during the visit so that we should be able to undertake this without touching any unnecessary objects.  If the property cannot be vacated, we are asking that the occupier(s) remain in one room during the visit.  For our part we will be using appropriate PPE and will disinfect prior to and after each visit.

If for any reason we cannot guarantee that social distancing can be achieved, or that the Covid-19 questions show that the visit cannot be undertaken safely, we will postpone the visit until such suitable arrangements can be made.  Finally, we confirm that all our employees undertaking visits are not currently showing any Covid-19 symptoms as detailed in Government guidelines, although of course the risk cannot reduced to zero (because of asymptomatic transmission) but that all reasonable steps will be taken.

For now, please submit your Inspection request forms as usual using our online forms here.