Mining Surveys (Risk Assessments)

Visual, Property, Structural or Site Inspections, or 
Mining Risk Assessments for Mining and Ground Stability

This type of report may be requested after a desktop Mine Search or Ground Stability Report has been undertaken as part of the conveyancing work by Solicitors, sometimes in conjunction with a mortgage surveyor’s report.

If the desktop report indicates that there are recorded mine features within the immediate vicinity of the property such as an ore bearing vein (or lode) is known to pass the local area, and adit is nearby, or a shaft is just off the property, further action is usually recommended. Depending on the individual mine search company they will request a detailed visual, property or structural inspection (which all mean the same type of inspection) generally to be conducted by a Chartered Engineer who has experience and qualifications in both buildings and mining engineering.  A Mining Risk Assessment can also be done which is a very similar process and report (although we will only send a Chartered Engineer capable of assessing the site, building and ground surfaces, unlike some other companies who use a Mining Geologist for such work who are unable assess structures or buildings due to their lack of suitable qualifications).

The inspection, in whichever form, is a low cost and effective way to determine if there is any evidence of mining or ground stability problems on the site itself. Following this, the property is given a simple risk factor that can be used by mortgage providers, insurance companies or their advisors to assess the suitability for purchase, selling, lending or buildings insurance (whichever are relevant). This service is less than one tenth of the cost of a drilling survey that would be the next step if more serious mining issues, such as shafts, worked lode outcrops or other features are identified on the property.

Datson Consulting Ltd work with many mine search companies such as Mining Searches UK (now owned by Groundsure), Cornwall Consultants, Wheal Jane Consultancy and Westcountry Mines and Property Surveys when a visual, structural, property or site inspection, or Mining Risk Assessment is recommended and we provide excellent value for money when a suspected problem is identified. Further information on mining related issues can be found on their websites together with full information of the various companies. We also undertake Land Inspection Reports and Site Walkovers for mining related issues, quarries, slopes or other ground issues related to property transactions or development.

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