Construction Design and Management Regulations (CDM)

The CDM Regulations place duties on all those who can contribute to the health and safety of a construction project.

The Regulations place duties upon clients, designers, contractors and the CDM Co-ordinator, and require the production of certain documents such as the health and safety plan and the health and safety file.

The degree of detail as well as the time and effort required to comply with the legal duties need only be in proportion to the nature, size and level of health and safety risks involved in the project.

Therefore for small projects with minimal health and safety risks, you will only be required to take simple, straightforward steps and few, if any, specialist skills will be needed.

Datson Consulting Ltd can undertake these CDM responsibilities on behalf of Clients and contractors and provide advice on their application to any specific scheme.

We are often appointed as the CDM Co-ordinator and work with the contractor to produce:-

  • Construction Phase Health and Safety Plans
  • Site inspections
  • Pre-tender safety plans
  • Health and safety file production
  • Method statements
  • Risk assessments

Party Wall Act Services

The Party Wall Act (1996) gives rights and responsibilities to neighbours where work is being undertaken to walls common to both properties.

The Party Wall Act does not affect any requirement for Planning Permission or Building Regulation Approval for any work undertaken. Likewise, having Planning Permission and/or Building Regulation Approval does not negate the requirements under the Party Wall Act.

The Party Wall Act comes into effect if someone is planning to do work on a relevant structure, for the purposes of the Act ‘party wall’ does not just mean the wall between two semi-detached properties, it covers:

  • A wall forming part of only one building but which is on the boundary line between two (or more) properties
  • A wall which is common to two (or more) properties, this includes where someone built a wall and a neighbour has subsequently built something butting up to it
  • A garden wall, where the wall is astride the boundary line (or butts up against it) and is used to separate the properties but is not part of any building
  • Floors and ceilings of flats etc
  • Excavation near to a neighbouring property

As with all work affecting neighbours, it is always better to reach a friendly agreement rather than resort to law.

Datson Consulting Ltd can be the conduit so that even where the work requires a notice to be served, they can informally discuss the intended work, consider the neighbours comments, and amend the plans (if appropriate) before serving the notice.

We can also act as an advisor in the event you have been served a notice and wish for unbiased advice on the matter.

What our clients say...

"I have worked with Nick Datson over the past 13 years. He has always been extremely professional and committed in his work at all times and I would have no hesitation in recommending him for any engineering or building services. Always responsive, keeping all parties fully updated, he will be a valuable asset to anyone that engages his services."

Kevin Chellew

Director, Allied Solutions Ltd, Swansea

"We would like to convey our thanks to Nick Datson of Datson Consulting Ltd for his work involved in the insurance claim for escapes of water to eight cottages in our holiday home business.

He has been excellent to work alongside & carried out his project management role in a quick and efficient manner. We would recommend this company for their professional services to anyone involved with an insurance claim to act on their behalf."

John Hick

Director, Pendra Loweth Management Ltd

"Since 2006, Nick Datson of Datson Consulting Ltd has proven to be an excellent partner for Cunningham Lindsey in the project management of subsidence and other insured peril claims from the insurance industry.

He continues to produce a high level of professionalism and technical know how in dealing with this specialist field of work."

Mike Collier

Engineering Manager, Project Managed Subsidence Services Cunningham Lindsey

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